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SuperPro Roll Centre Adjusting Ball Joint Kit

Fits: Audi A3 2004 On

SuperPro Part No. TRC003

Includes 2x ball joints & mounting kit

  • Fits the standard VW arm or new SuperPro Supaloy arm
  • Extended ball pin re-positions the front arms after lowering
  • Slotted mounting plate for camber adjustment
  • Compensates for suspension geometry changes caused by lowering
  • Restores traction and stability
  • High Quality

This roll center adjusting ball joint kit address's a fundamental issue created when looking to enhance a cars handling. Car suspension systems have a roll centre set by chassis engineers in the design process of a vehicle to give optimum handling with minimum body roll at the required ride height and centre of gravity position. The vehicles roll centre greatly influences how the body of the vehicle will behave when cornering and is one of the key factors in how a car ‘feels’ and how it generates feedback to the driver. Uprated suspension on a vehicle can change the ride height and therefore change the characteristics of the roll-centre.

Contrary to popular belief, lowering a vehicles suspension does not always improve the handling. For example, if a vehicle is lowered beyond its ideal roll centre, faster and greater levels of body roll can be generated, resulting in stability and traction being adversely affected.

The extended ball joints included in these kits compensate for changes in suspension geometry when ride –heights are lowered, counteracting the effects of the resulting repositioning of the cars roll-centre. The overall effect is to restore stability and traction by achieving better tyre contact, as well as making the car more neutral and obedient to driver inputs
Product Information:
  • Low maintenance
  • Responsive steering
  • Control
  • Cost efficient
  • Longevity
  • Improved Stability
  • Less wander
Why Choose SuperPro Polyurethane?

SuperPro polyurethane suspension bushes are engineered like no other. They provide outstanding performance and keep components working as the manufacturer intended.

More responsive steering, greater control, improved initial turn-in and better stability are just some of the benefits that have been attributed to SuperPro bushes - all without the harshness often associated with some manufacturer's polyurethane products. This is achieved through SuperPro's unique materials technology, industry-leading engineering, development and rigorous testing.

Added to this, the low-maintenance feature of its products, increased life of adjoining components and improved tyre-wear, means that SuperPro bushes represent excellent value for money. And, as if that wasn't enough, each product is backed-up with the company's unique three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

  • Improved handling and stability
  • Reduced rear tyre wear
  • Fits existing suspension arms without modification
  • No increase in vibration and Road noise


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