Find the correct parts for your car

Discover the right parts for your car effortlessly. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, in need of a part replacement, or considering a car makeover, let TDC guide you in finding the perfect components for your vehicle.

Here's how to make it easy

Using your Registration Number

  • Simply input your registration number into the designated field in Part Finder.
  • Click "GO" to retrieve the parts that match your car.

Alternatively, Select by Make, Model, etc.

  • Provide your vehicle details, including Make, Model, Vehicle type, and Engine type.
  • Click "GO" to identify the parts that suit your car.
Registration card showing vehicle details

Not sure where to locate your vehicle details?

Follow these steps to find the necessary information on your registration card:

Make [Section D.1: Make]:

Choose your vehicle's make from the first drop-down filter.

Model [Section D.3: Model]:

Select your vehicle's model from the second drop-down filter.

Vehicle Type [Section B: Date of first registration]:

Determine the year of construction by referring to the date of first registration. Then, pick your "Vehicle type" from the third drop-down menu, ensuring it falls within the indicated time range.

Engine Type [Section P.1: Cylinder capacity]:

Calculate your cylinder capacity (e.g., 1984 cc, which equals roughly 2.0 litres) by dividing the given number by 1,000. This value, "2.0," represents the first part of the information you need to select from the "Engine type" drop-down. Additional information for this field can be found under “Maximum net power.”

Engine Type [Section P.2: Maximum net power (kW)]:

Utilizing the cylinder capacity and maximum net power, choose the appropriate option.

With these simple steps, you'll be well-equipped to locate the right parts for your vehicle on the TDC website.

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