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Welcome to TDC Automotive, a family-run company based in the heart of Martock, Somerset, UK. We understand that every vehicle needs occasional maintenance and repairs. Over time, car parts wear out, necessitating replacements to optimise your vehicle's performance and safety. However, we also recognise that the cost of these repairs can be a concern. That's why an increasing number of people in the UK are turning to online shopping for car parts.

At TDC Automotive, we stand out as one of the best online stores in the UK, offering a diverse selection of affordable car parts for a wide range of makes and models. While premium products often come with a higher price tag, we strive to provide excellent deals on top-quality components, catering to various budgets.

We firmly believe that trust is paramount when buying car parts online. Regardless of your spending, whether it's ten pounds or five thousand, you deserve to receive products that are worth every penny. TDC Automotive is your credible partner in ensuring you get precisely what you need within your budget.

Are you worried about finding the right car parts for your vehicle? It can indeed be a daunting task without sufficient information. If you embark on your search independently, be sure to gather additional details about your car beyond its make and model. These details may include the year of production, type and volume of the engine, and dimensions of the chassis and tires, among others.

Even armed with this information, selecting the right part can still be challenging. That's where your vehicle registration becomes crucial. Each car has a unique plate number, and by providing it accurately, TDC Automotive will do the rest to source the car parts you require. Our trusted UK shop boasts an extensive inventory of over fifty thousand spare parts, catering to a wide variety of vehicles. You can conveniently order car parts online, and we'll deliver them right to your doorstep in no time. For customers within the UK mainland, we offer free shipment options. Additionally, we provide a 30-day guarantee, ensuring you can return any product that doesn't meet your expectations. Rest assured, we accept secure payments without exception, safeguarding your financial transactions.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in top shape and extend its lifespan. Automotive parts don't always have to break down completely to warrant replacement. Consistently checking and maintaining components, such as suspension parts, can make a significant difference in both safety and comfort. At TDC Automotive, we offer a wide range of products tailored specifically for vehicle suspension systems.

We proudly cater to a variety of leading car brands, including Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Nissan, and Mercedes. Our main categories of car parts cover:

At TDC Automotive, we are committed to providing high-quality car parts and exceptional service to meet all your automotive needs. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

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