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Set Of 4 Evo MK5 M12x1.50 Silver Locking Nuts For Alloy Wheels 282/5 Zoom

Set Of 4 Evo MK5 M12x1.50 Silver Locking Nuts For Alloy Wheels 282/5

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Product Description



    Evo Automotive MK5M

    Evo Automotive MK5 wheel locks are a new generation in wheel locking systems designed to combat the most sophisticated and determined thieves. Rigorously tested and approved by over 15 major car manufacturers who have upgraded their security standards and requirements.


    • Heavy duty toughened ring for extra security
    • Each lock is hardened & tempered for unbelievable strength
    • Manufactured to ISO9000 & QS9000 standards
    • Corrosion free
    • Thatcham approved and passed
    • Sold Secure approved with GOLD rating


    Without doubt the best wheel lock in the world!

    If you have invested in expensive wheels & tyres, then you don't just fit any locks - insist on the best- insist on Evo Mk5

    All EVO Mk5 locks are produced to the highest standards, so if you are serious about offering your customers the best protection for their aftermarket alloy wheels and tyres, then there is only one choice - EVO Mk5.

    Important; This is a replacement set of locking wheel bolts/nuts, the key in this set will not fit the original locks on your vehicle.

    BrandEvo 5
    Manufacturer part Number282/5
    EANDoes not apply
    HerstellerEvo 5
    MarqueEvo 5
    MarcaEvo 5
    MarcaEvo 5
    Superpro notes

    This listing is for a replacement set of locking nuts/ bolts. The key in this set will not fit the original locking nuts/ bolts on the car.

    -Catalog Information-

    Locking Wheel Sets are essential for the protection of you wheels from being stolen. Wheel Locking set contains nuts or bolts and the locking key, and we at “brand name” offer high quality sets which will ensure the safety of your car wheels.

    -Brand Information-

    TDC is the official distributor of Evo Automotive MK5 wheel locks. Evo Automotive MK5 are the new specialists in wheel locking systems. They are designed to fight the most advanced and determined thieves.
    Evo Automotive MK5 wheel locks have passed through strict tests and are approved by more than 15 main car manufacturers who have significantly improved their security standards and requirements.

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Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    LexusGSUZS161 JZS160Saloon3002000-2005
    LexusGSUZS161 JZS160Saloon300 T31997-2000
    MitsubishiShogun SportK90Box2.5 TD1999-2008
    MitsubishiShogun SportK90Box3.0 V61999-2008
    MitsubishiSigmaF2_A F1_ASaloon3.0 V61990-1996
    MitsubishiSigmaF2_A F1_ASaloon3.0 V61990-1996
    Toyota4 RunnerKZN18_ VZN18_ RZN18_SUV3.0 Turbo D1995-2002
    Toyota4 RunnerRN10_ VZN13_ VZN10_ RN13_SUV2.7i1995-1996
    Toyota4 RunnerRN10_ VZN13_ VZN10_ RN13_SUV3.0 Turbo D1993-1996
    Toyota4 RunnerRN10_ VZN13_ VZN10_ RN13_SUV3.0 V61990-1995
    Toyota4 RunnerRN10_ VZN13_ VZN10_ RN13_SUV3.4i1995-1996
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIEstate1.61987-1989
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIEstate1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIEstate1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIEstate2.01987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIEstate2.0 D1987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61986-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61987-1989
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback1.8 GLI1983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback2.0 D1985-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback2.0 D1984-1988
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback2.0 GLI1987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IIHatchback2.0 GLI1987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.61983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.61983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.61987-1990
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon1.8 GLI1983-1987
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon2.0 D1984-1988
    ToyotaCarinaMK IISaloon2.0 GLI1987-1992
    ToyotaCarinaTA4K TA6KEstate1.81982-1982
    ToyotaCarinaTA4K TA6KEstate1.8 D1982-1983
    ToyotaCarinaTA4L TA6_LSaloon1.81982-1987
    ToyotaCarinaTA4L TA6_LSaloon1.8 D1982-1983
    ToyotaCelicaAT18_ ST18_Convertible2.0 GTI1989-1993
    ToyotaCelicaAT18_ ST18_Coupe1.6 STI1989-1993
    ToyotaCelicaAT18_ ST18_Coupe2.0 GTI1989-1993
    ToyotaCelicaAT18_ ST18_Coupe2.0 Turbo 4WD1989-1993
    ToyotaCelicaAT18_ ST18_Coupe2.0 Turbo 4WD1989-1993
    ToyotaCelicaAT20_ ST20_Convertible2.0 GTI1994-1999
    ToyotaCelicaAT20_ ST20_Convertible2.0i 16V1993-1999
    ToyotaCelicaST20_ AT20_Coupe1.8i 16V1993-1999
    ToyotaCelicaST20_ AT20_Coupe2.0i 16V1993-1999
    ToyotaCelicaST20_ AT20_Coupe2.0i 16V1996-1999
    ToyotaCelicaST20_ AT20_Coupe2.0i Turbo 4WD1994-1999
    ToyotaCelicaZZT23_Coupe1.8 16V TS1999-2005
    ToyotaCelicaZZT23_Coupe1.8 16V VT-i1999-2005
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Estate1.6 4WD1988-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Estate1.6 XLI1989-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Estate1.6 XLI 4WD1988-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Estate1.8 D1987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Estate1.8 D1989-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Saloon1.5 4WD1990-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Saloon1.6 4WD1987-1989
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Saloon1.6i 4WD1987-1990
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Saloon1.8 D1989-1993
    ToyotaCorolla_E9_Saloon1.8 D1987-1993
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.31987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.3i1987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.61989-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.61987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.6 4WD1987-1989
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.8 D1987-1992
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E9_Hatchback1.8 D1989-1992
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate1.3 12V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate1.3 XLI1995-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate1.3 XLI 16V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate1.6 SI1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate1.8 16V 4WD1995-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Estate2.0 D1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Saloon1.3 12V1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Saloon1.3 XLI1995-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Saloon1.3 XLI 16V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Saloon1.6 SI1995-1997
    ToyotaCorolla_E10_Saloon2.0 D1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.3 12V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.3 XLI1995-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.3 XLI 16V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.6 SI1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.8 GT1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback1.8 GTI 4WD1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Compact_E10_Hatchback2.0 D1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E10_Hatchback1.3 12V1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E10_Hatchback1.3 XLI1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E10_Hatchback1.6 GLI1992-1997
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E10_Hatchback1.8 GT1992-1995
    ToyotaCorolla Liftback_E10_Hatchback2.0 D1992-1997
    ToyotaMR 2MK ICoupe1.6 16V1984-1990
    ToyotaMR 2MK ICoupe1.6 16V1984-1990
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV2.02000-2003
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV2.0 D-4D2001-2006
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV2.42000-2006
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV3.0 VVT-i 4WD2000-2005
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV3.52000-2006
    ToyotaPreviaMCR3_ ACR3_ CLR3_MPV3.5 4WD2000-2006
    ToyotaPreviaMK IIIMPV2.42005-2016
    ToyotaPreviaMK IIIMPV2.4 Hybrid2012-2016
    ToyotaPreviaMK IIIMPV3.52006-2016
    ToyotaPreviaMK IIIMPV3.52006-2016
    ToyotaPreviaMK IIIMPV3.5 4WD2006-2016
    ToyotaPreviaTCR2_ TCR1_MPV2.2 TD1990-2000
    ToyotaPreviaTCR2_ TCR1_MPV2.41990-2000
    ToyotaPreviaTCR2_ TCR1_MPV2.4 4WD1990-2000
    ToyotaLiteaceCM3_V KM3_VBox1.51986-1991
    ToyotaLiteaceCM3_V KM3_VBox2.0 D1988-1992
    ToyotaLiteaceCM30_G KM30_GBus1.51989-1992
    ToyotaLiteaceCM30_G KM30_GBus2.0 D1988-1992
    ToyotaStarlet_P7_Hatchback1.5 D1986-1989
    ToyotaStarlet_P8_Hatchback1.3 12V1989-1996
    ToyotaStarlet_P8_Hatchback1.3 12V1989-1992
    ToyotaStarlet_P8_Hatchback1.3 XL1989-1991
    ToyotaStarlet_P8_Hatchback1.5 D1989-1996
    ToyotaStarletKP6_Hatchback1.2 S1978-1982
    ToyotaStarletKP6_Hatchback1.3 S1982-1984
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