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S90-1-05-010 Eibach 5mm Hub Centric Wheel Spacers M14x1.50 4/108 Pair Zoom

S90-1-05-010 Eibach 5mm Hub Centric Wheel Spacers M14x1.50 4/108 Pair

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SKU: 1TS90-1-05-010
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Product Description



    Pair of 2 Eibach PRO-SPACERS

    Pair of 2 Eibach PRO-SPACERS - wide your track for better handling and sportier look.

    To give the finish touche in look and performance of your car, our engineering team has developed the Eibach PRO-SPACERS. Gives your car an wider, more stable track - quickly and easily.

    Spacers are the perfect complement to the Pro-Kit or the Sportline and give the last optical kick if you missing this at the series or accessory wheel. With the right Eibach PRO-SPACERS looks your car sportier, because the wheels and tires fill the wheel houses perfect. The exact interaction of the track width improves not only the look of your car, also the handling and curl are optimized. PRO-SPACER are available in different versions from 5 to 30 mm, so that you can position your wheels right there where you can get the best performance and the best look.

    Just at many series rims you get with the appropriate PRO-SPACERS such an perfect look and performance of the existing standard wheels and tyres that a purchase of special products is unnecessary. You reach an optimum look and improved handling if the outer edges of the wheels with the wheel houses are flush.

    Manufacturer part NumberS90-1-05-010
    EANDoes not apply
    Total Track widening (mm)10
    Bolt Pattern Number of Holes108/4
    Centre bore57
    Eibach notes
    Important, the information below contains specific fitment data for your car. Failure to check the data is correct for your vehicle may result in the incorrect item being sent to you:
    The centering of the wheel is only possible with the wheelbolts! Therefore, it can be necessary to do a wheel balancing on the car, to avoid possible vibrations.
    -Catalog Information-

    If you are willing to install larger and wider tires to your truck, car or even SUV, then you are at the right place, as we have the solution with a larger selection of wheel spacers to complete your install safely.

    -Brand Information-

    For more than 60 years now, Eibach has been known as the world standard for high-quality springs.

    Eibach products are created to meet the extreme requirement of racing. Eibach aims to provide immediate response, reduced body roll, increased stability and enhanced cornering ability. Eibach engineers have mastered their skills in the tuning of the individual components to achieve the best possible harmony between the driver, the automobile and the road.

    Eibach production technology is recognized worldwide as leading its field, from our high-strength spring-steel alloys, our advanced CNC winding process, our high-quality corrosion protection and the legendary longevity of our components.

    The best products at the best prices.
Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.81986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 E1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.81986-1988
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E1988-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.6 D1987-1989
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.6 TD1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.9 D1989-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61987-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E 16V1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S quattro1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S quattro1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 quattro1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E quattro1988-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 quattro1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E 16V quattro1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.01990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 E quattro1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 quattro1988-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.41986-1988
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 quattro1987-1989
    Audi808C B4Estate2.01992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E 16V1993-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.3 E1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.61992-1996
    Audi808C B4EstateS2 quattro1993-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.6 quattro1992-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.8 quattro1992-1995
    Audi808C B4EstateRS2 quattro1994-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.3 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Estate1.9 TDI1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate1.6 E1993-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.81991-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E 16V quattro1992-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate1.9 TD1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 quattro1993-1996
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.9 TD1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.9 TDI1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.61991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.6 E1993-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.01991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E 16V1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.3 E1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.61992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.81991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E 16V quattro1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4SaloonS2 quattro1993-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.3 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.6 quattro1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.8 quattro1991-1994
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