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PIAA HYPER Arros Front Fog Bulbs 3900K Briliant White / H3 55 equal to 110W 12V Zoom

PIAA HYPER Arros Front Fog Bulbs 3900K Briliant White / H3 55 equal to 110W 12V

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Product Description


    Part TypeHyper Arros 3900K Bulbs H3 55W equal to 110W 12V
    Manufacturer part NumberHE-901
    EANDoes not apply
    SeriesHyper Arros 3900K Bulbs
    PIAA notes
    • 3900K brilliant white color, offering safety and style.
    • Wide product adaptability (10 sockets and more to come).
    • Best balance between performance and bulb life.
    Catalog Information
    Brand Information
    The best products at the best prices.
Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.9 JTD1999-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.7 i.e. 16V1994-1996"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.6 i.e.1994-1996"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.4 i.e.1994-1996"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.9 TD1994-1999"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback2.0 16V T.Spark1995-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.6 16V T.Spark1997-2000"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.4 i.e. 16V T.Spark1996-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.6 i.e. 16V T.Spark1996-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.8 i.e. 16V T.Spark1996-1998"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback1.8 i.e. 16V1998-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo145930Hatchback2.0 16V Quadrifoglio1998-2001"94-00 only"
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.7 T.Spark1993-1996
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.8 T.Spark1992-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.8 T.Spark Sport1992-1996
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.8 T.Spark1992-1993
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.9 TD1993-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.0 T.Spark1992-1995
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.0 T.Spark1992-1993
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.0 16V Turbo Q41992-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.0 16V Turbo Q41992-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.5 V61992-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.5 V61992-1996
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.5 TD1993-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon2.0 16V T.Spark1995-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.7 16V T.Spark1996-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.6 16V T.Spark1996-1997
    Alfa Romeo155167Saloon1.7 T.Spark1993-1996
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.01993-1995
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 T.Spark1987-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 T.Spark1987-1990
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 T.Spark1992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 V6 Turbo1992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 V6 Turbo1991-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.5 V61992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.5 TD1992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.5 TD1987-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 V61987-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 V61992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 V61987-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0i.e. QV1990-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 24V1992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 24V QV1992-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 T.Spark1987-1990
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 Turbo1990-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.01987-1991
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.01987-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 Turbo1988-1992
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.01995-1997
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.01994-1997
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.01993-1995
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 24V QV AWD1992-1997
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 24V Q41994-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon3.0 24V1995-1997
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.0 Turbo1987-1998
    Alfa Romeo164164Saloon2.01987-1998
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.7 i.e. 4x41988-1989
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.4 i.e.1991-1994
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.4 i.e.1991-1994
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 i.e.1990-1992
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 16V1990-1994
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 i.e.1992-1994
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 16V1990-1994
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 16V 4x41990-1992
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.51984-1986
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.51986-1989
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.51986-1989
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.7 i.e.1988-1989
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 i.e. 4x41990-1992
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 16V 4x41990-1994
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.8 TD1986-1989
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.41984-1988
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.5 4x41984-1987
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.51984-1987
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.5 4x41984-1986
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.7 16V1990-1992
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.71988-1989
    Alfa Romeo33907BEstate1.5 i.e.1990-1994
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.5 4x41986-1989
    Alfa Romeo33905AEstate1.5 4x41986-1989
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.61989-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.61985-1989"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.8 Turboi.e.1986-1990"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.81985-1989"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.81988-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.81989-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.8 Turbo1986-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.01985-1988"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.0 T.Spark1987-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.0 T.S1985-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.0 TD1985-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.5 V61985-1986"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon3.0 V61987-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon3.0 V61990-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.4 TD1989-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon1.81989-1992"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo75162BSaloon2.5 V6 CAT1986-1990"87-93 only"
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon1.81984-1987
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon2.0 i.e.1984-1987
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon2.4 TD1984-1987
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon2.5 i.e. V61984-1987
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon2.5 i.e. V61984-1987
    Alfa Romeo90162Saloon1.81984-1987
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.81986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 E1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.81986-1988
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E1988-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.6 D1987-1989
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.6 TD1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.9 D1989-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61987-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E 16V1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S quattro1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 S quattro1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 quattro1986-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E quattro1988-1990
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 quattro1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 E 16V quattro1990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.41986-1988
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.61990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 quattro1987-1989
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.01990-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon1.8 E quattro1986-1991
    Audi8089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 quattro1988-1990
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.9 TD1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.9 TDI1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.61991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon1.6 E1993-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.01991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E 16V1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.3 E1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.61992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.81991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E 16V quattro1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.0 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4SaloonS2 quattro1993-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.3 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.6 quattro1992-1994
    Audi808C B4Saloon2.8 quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Estate2.01992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E 16V1993-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.3 E1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.61992-1996
    Audi808C B4EstateS2 quattro1993-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.6 quattro1992-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.8 quattro1992-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate1.9 TD1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 quattro1993-1996
    Audi808C B4EstateRS2 quattro1994-1995
    Audi808C B4Estate2.3 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi808C B4Estate1.9 TDI1992-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate1.6 E1993-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.81991-1996
    Audi808C B4Estate2.0 E 16V quattro1992-1995
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 20V1989-1991
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.01984-1987
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.21985-1987
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.21984-1987
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.2 E quattro1984-1987
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.01988-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E1987-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E1987-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E 20V1990-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E quattro1987-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E 20V quattro1988-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E quattro1987-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E 20V quattro1990-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 20 V quattro1988-1991
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.0 quattro1984-1986
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.0 quattro1989-1990
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.2 E1987-1991
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.2 E quattro1985-1987
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.2 E quattro1987-1991
    Audi9089 89Q 8A B3Saloon2.3 E 20V1988-1991
    Audi9081 85 B2Saloon2.01986-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.81982-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.81986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.81983-1989
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.01986-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.0 E CAT1988-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.11982-1984
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.21984-1986
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.21984-1988
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 Turbo1986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.31986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.0 D1983-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.0 TD1983-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.0 TD1988-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.5 TDI1990-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.31990-1990
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.5 TDI1990-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.0 E1991-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.0 E1991-1994
    Audi1004A C4EstateS4 Turbo quattro1991-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.61992-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.3 E1991-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.8 E1991-1994
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 quattro1984-1988
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 Turbo quattro1986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.3 E quattro1986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.3 quattro1990-1990
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.3 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.6 quattro1992-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.8 E quattro1991-1994
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.21982-1984
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.21982-1984
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon1.81982-1987
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.0 E 16V1992-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.0 E 16V quattro1992-1994
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.11982-1984
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.6 E quattro1993-1994
    Audi1004A C4EstateS4 V8 quattro1992-1994
    Audi1004A C4SaloonS4 V8 quattro1992-1994
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.4 D1989-1991
    Audi1004A C4Saloon2.0 E quattro1990-1992
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.0 E quattro1990-1992
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.2 E quattro1985-1986
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 E quattro1985-1986
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.4 D1990-1994
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.4 D1989-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.91983-1984
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.8 quattro1986-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.8 quattro CAT1985-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon1.81983-1989
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon1.8 quattro1984-1988
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.8 quattro1984-1988
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.01984-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.0 E1985-1987
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 CAT1989-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.2 quattro CAT1989-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate2.2 quattro CAT1989-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Saloon2.2 CAT1989-1990
    Audi10044 44Q C3Estate1.8 CAT1985-1990
    Audi1004A C4Saloon2.61993-1994
    Audi1004A C4Estate2.61993-1994
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.1 5 E1983-1984
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.1 Turbo1983-1988
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.21984-1985
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 Turbo1985-1991
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.1 Turbo quattro1983-1986
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 Turbo quattro1985-1991
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 20V Turbo quattro1989-1990
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.1 Turbo quattro1983-1988
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.2 Turbo quattro1983-1990
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.2 20V Turbo quattro1989-1990
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 Turbo quattro1988-1990
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 Turbo1988-1990
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.2 Turbo1988-1990
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.2 Turbo quattro1988-1991
    Audi20044 44QSaloon2.31986-1991
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.31986-1991
    Audi20044 44QEstate2.2 Turbo1985-1991
    AudiA64B C5Saloon1.8 T quattro1997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.41998-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.41998-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon3.71999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon4.2 quattro1998-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate1.8 T quattro1997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon3.7 quattro1999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate3.7 quattro1999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate3.71999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate4.2 quattro1998-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon1.8 T1997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate1.8 T1999-2005
    AudiA64B C5SaloonS6 quattro1999-2005
    AudiA64B C5EstateS6 quattro1999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.5 TDI2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.5 TDI quattro2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.5 TDI2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.5 TDI quattro2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon1.9 TDI2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate1.9 TDI2000-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon1.81997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.81997-1998
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.81999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate1.81998-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.81997-1998
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.81999-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.41997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.41997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.02001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon3.02001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon3.0 quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.42001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.4 quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.5 TDI2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.7 T quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon1.9 TDI2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.02001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.42001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.4 quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.5 TDI2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.7 T quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate3.02001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate3.0 quattro2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate1.9 TDI2001-2005
    AudiA64B C5SaloonRS6 quattro2002-2005
    AudiA64B C5EstateRS62002-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.41997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.4 quattro1997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.41997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.4 quattro1997-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.5 TDI2002-2005
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.5 TDI2002-2005
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.4 quattro1998-1999
    AudiA64B C5Estate2.4 quattro1998-2001
    AudiA64B C5EstateRS6 Plus quattro2004-2005
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.41995-1996
    AudiA64B C5Saloon3.0 quattro2001-2004
    AudiA64B C5Saloon2.8 quattro1999-2001
    AudiA64A C4Saloon1.9 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate1.9 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.5 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.5 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.01994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.01994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.0 16V1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.61994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.81994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.5 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.5 TDI1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.01994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.01994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.0 16V1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.61994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.81994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.5 TDI1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.5 TDI1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.0 16V quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.6 quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.8 quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4SaloonS6 Turbo quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4SaloonS6 4.2 quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.0 16V quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4EstateS6 4.2 quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.8 quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4EstateS6 Turbo quattro1994-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate2.5 TDI quattro1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.5 TDI quattro1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon1.81995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate1.81995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon1.8 quattro1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Estate1.8 quattro1995-1997
    AudiA64A C4Saloon2.81995-1997
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