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KONI 2x Shock Absorber Front Kit Adjustable 8741-1538L 8741-1538R Zoom

KONI 2x Shock Absorber Front Kit Adjustable 8741-1538L 8741-1538R

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Product Description



    Koni Sport Shocks

    KONI sport shocks are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience. These products focus on exceptional road-holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. Their characteristics include improved steering response, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. The external adjustment on Koni Sport shocks makes fine tuning even easier. All Koni Sport Shocks are covered by a 2 Year warranty.

    Important information; Some vehicles are fitted with Sports suspension from the factory. These cars will normally require different shock absorbers.

    Please take care to read the notes section above to check if these shock absorbers are suitable for your car.

    Please note, the picture used in this listing is generic and for illustration purposes only. The Shock Absorbers you receive may differ in appearance.

    If you are unsure if this kit will fit your car please contact us with your full vehicle details

    Part TypeSport
    Manufacturer part Number8741-1538LSPORT , 8741-1538RSPORT
    EANDoes not apply
    MPN8741-1538LSPORT , 8741-1538RSPORT
    Front L/H8741-1538LSPORT
    Front R/H8741-1538RSPORT
    • excl. self-levelling systems
    • Excludes Self levelling systems
    -Catalog Information-

    Improve the stability of your car with our shock absorbers.

    In a vehicle, shock absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling

    -Brand Information-

    Koni has been around for 150 years, concerned in automobile dampers and in production of adjustable telescopic dampers. Furthermore, though known best for cars, KONI also builda shocks for trucks,buses, RVs and railway rolling stock as well. This adds up to a well-earned design and manufacturing experience.
    As the maker of the industry's very first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks and today's patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) street shocks, KONI has long demonstrated that product improvement means product innovation.

    Please note, from the 1st of January 2021 the UK left the EU single market and customs union. Due to this if your delivery address is outside the UK you may be asked to pay a customs clearance fee and the relevant VAT (and import duties if you are outside the EU) based on the order value. These charges vary for each country, please contact your local customs office for more details before placing your order. We are unable to include these fees in the purchase price of the item and the shipping charge only covers the delivery of the parcel. It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay the relevant customs fees and taxes. Failure to pay the fees due may result in the parcel being destroyed, in this case you may not be entitled to a refund. If you require any further information please contact us before placing your order
Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    VolvoV60--EstateD42013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD4 AWD2013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT52013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT62013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT62013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT52013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD42013-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--Estate1.6 Drive2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--Estate2.4 D52011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--Estate2.4 D5 AWD2011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD52011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD5 AWD2011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT52012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT4F2011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT4F2011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT32010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT42010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloon2.0 T2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT52010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonT6 AWD2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD32010-2012"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD52010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD5 AWD2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--Estate2.4 Hybrid D6 AWD2012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD32012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonD42012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD32012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD52012-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--Estate2.0 T2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD32010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD52010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateD5 AWD2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT32010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT42010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT52010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV60--EstateT6 AWD2010-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoS60MK IISaloonDrive / D22011-2016"2010 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD42013-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateT52013-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD32010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate1.6 Drive2011-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD52011-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate3.22011-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate1.6 T4F2011-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.5 T2007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.4 D2007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD52007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.02007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate3.22007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.0 D2007-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.5 T Flex-Fuel2008-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.0 Flex-Fuel2008-2011"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.4 D2009-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.5 T Flex-Fuel2009-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD52009-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate1.6 D2010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.5 T2010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate2.0 T2010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateT42010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateT52010-2016"2007 to 2014"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstate3.2 AWD2007-2011"2007 to 2010"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateT6 AWD2007-2011"2007 to 2010"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD5 AWD2007-2011"2007 to 2010"
    VolvoV70MK IIIEstateD5 AWD2009-2016"2007 to 2010"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD42013-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT52013-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon1.6 Drive2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD5 AWD2011-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD52010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T2012-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T2012-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT4F2011-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD52006-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon4.4 V8 AWD2006-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T2006-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon3.22006-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.4 D2006-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon3.2 AWD2007-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT6 AWD2007-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD5 AWD2007-2010"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T Flex-Fuel2008-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.0 Flex-Fuel2008-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.0 TDI2008-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T Flex-Fuel2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.4 D2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD52010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD5 AWD2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon1.6 D Drive2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.5 T2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.0 T2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon2.02008-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT42010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT52010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonT6 AWD2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloonD32010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon3.2 AWD2010-2016"2006 to 2014"
    VolvoS80MK IISaloon3.22010-2016"2006 to 2014"
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