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Green Cotton Round Car Air Filter Replacement Performance R457398

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Product Description


    • All Filters carry a 60,000 mile guarantee
    • Maximum air flow
    • Easy to install
    • Proper servicing and cleaning of your filter directly affects engine performance

    Green Cotton Air Filters are one of the best air filters in the market designed and developed from manufacturing and supplying premium cotton air filters to the racing and motorsport industry. The experience gained quickly promoted Green Cotton Filters to Europe’s largest cotton air filter manufacturer.

    Green Cotton air filters simply replace your existing standard air filter (element) and offer reduced restriction of the intake system thus optimising horsepower, throttle response and torque. Simple to fit, just remove your original filter from the airbox and "drop in" the Green Cotton Air Filter.


    Features of a Green

    The environment benefits as there is less waste goin into lanfill as the filter is fully re-usable and also less air pollution due to a small improvement in fuel economy as the engine will be running more efficiently.

    Deep Pleats

    Deep Pleats in the double layered cotton create a 10-20% increase in filtration surface area. This increase allows a greater volume of air to move more freely into the engine.

    Good Fit

    Green Cotton Air Filters flexible rubber frame offers an airtight and secure fit inside the air box. The filter moulds are created from an extensive library of factory air boxes which means that when you buy a Green Cotton Air Filter you can be sure it will fit just like the one from the factory, with no modifications necessary..

    Precision Production

    Most filters use a simple pressure moulded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the filter. This results in rubber seeping on to the filter surface, creating a barrier. This barrier can reduce surface area by up to 10-15% thus decreasing the amount of air flowing through the filter and reducing performance.

    Green Cotton Air Filters however use a more time consuming and precise production process that virtually eliminates rubber seepage on to the filter surface thus maximising air flow and increasing engine performance.

    BrandGreen Cotton
    Manufacturer part NumberR457398
    EANDoes not apply
    Other Part NumberE-9268
    Reference OE/OEM Number60811342
    Air Filter TypeROUND
    Classic Car PartNo
    Dimensions (mm)110 x 146
    HerstellerGreen Cotton
    MarqueGreen Cotton
    MarcaGreen Cotton
    MarcaGreen Cotton
    -Catalog Information-

    We have air filters for just about every car on the road. We design air filters to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.

    -Brand Information-

    Green Cotton Air Filters provide the highest quality of air filters in the marked, designed and developed from manufacturing and supplying premium cotton air filters to the racing and motorsport industry. The experience we have gained throughout the years, quickly promoted Green Cotton Filters to Europe’s largest cotton air filter manufacturer.
    The Green Cotton Air Filters stock over 3000 Panel Filters, Induction kits and Universal air filters for fast shipping within the UK.

    Please note, from the 1st of January 2021 the UK left the EU single market and customs union. Due to this if your delivery address is outside the UK you may be asked to pay a customs clearance fee and the relevant VAT (and import duties if you are outside the EU) based on the order value. These charges vary for each country, please contact your local customs office for more details before placing your order. We are unable to include these fees in the purchase price of the item and the shipping charge only covers the delivery of the parcel. It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay the relevant customs fees and taxes. Failure to pay the fees due may result in the parcel being destroyed, in this case you may not be entitled to a refund. If you require any further information please contact us before placing your order
Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    Alfa Romeo147937Hatchback3.2 GTA2003-2010
    Alfa Romeo156932Estate2.5 V6 24V2000-2003
    Alfa Romeo156932Estate2.5 V6 24V2000-2006
    Alfa Romeo156932Saloon2.5 V6 24V1997-2000
    Alfa Romeo156932Saloon2.5 V6 24V2000-2005
    Alfa Romeo156932Estate3.2 GTA2002-2006
    Alfa Romeo156932Saloon3.2 GTA2002-2005
    Alfa Romeo156932Estate2.5 V6 24V2000-2003
    Alfa Romeo166936Saloon3.0 V6 24V2000-2007
    Alfa Romeo166936Saloon3.2 V6 24V2003-2007
    Alfa RomeoGT937Coupe1.8 TS2003-2010
    Alfa RomeoGT937Coupe3.2 GTA2003-2010
    Alfa RomeoGTV916C_Coupe1.8 16V1998-2005
    Alfa RomeoGTV916C_Coupe2.0 16V T.Spark1995-2005
    Alfa RomeoGTV916C_Coupe2.0 16V T.Spark1998-2000
    Alfa RomeoGTV916C_Coupe2.0 JTS2003-2005
    Alfa RomeoGTV916C_Coupe3.0 V6 24V1996-2000
    Alfa RomeoSpider916S_Convertible1.8 16V1998-2005
    Alfa RomeoSpider916S_Convertible2.0 16V T.Spark1995-2005
    Alfa RomeoSpider916S_Convertible2.0 16V T.Spark1998-2000
    Alfa RomeoSpider916S_Convertible2.0 JTS2003-2005
    Alfa RomeoSpider916S_Convertible3.0 V61995-2005
    LanciaKappa838Coupe2.0 20V1996-2001
    LanciaKappa838Coupe2.0 20V Turbo1998-2001
    LanciaKappa838Coupe2.4 20V1996-2001
    LanciaKappa838Coupe3.0 24V1996-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.0 20V1994-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.0 20V1996-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.0 20V Turbo1998-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.4 20V1994-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.4 JTD1998-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon2.4 T.DS1994-2001
    LanciaKappa838ASaloon3.0 24V1994-2001
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon1.6 16V1999-2005
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon1.8 16V1999-2005
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon2.0 20V2000-2005
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon2.0 20V1999-2000
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon1.9 JTD1999-2000
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon1.9 JTD2001-2005
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon2.4 JTD1999-2000
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon2.4 JTD2000-2002
    LanciaLybra839AXSaloon2.4 JTD2002-2005
    LanciaThesis841AXSaloon2.0 Turbo2002-2009
    LanciaThesis841AXSaloon2.4 JTD2002-2009
    LanciaThesis841AXSaloon2.4 JTD2003-2009
    LanciaThesis841AXSaloon3.0 V62002-2009
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