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Febi Bilstien Car Shock Absorber Protection Kit Bumpstop , Cover Kit 13076 Zoom

Febi Bilstien Car Shock Absorber Protection Kit Bumpstop , Cover Kit 13076

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Product Description



    Febi Bilstein

    is one of the world’s leading global manufacturers and suppliers of passenger car and commercial vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket.

    The brand has stood for continuity, quality, service, reliability and innovation for more than 170 years.

    From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicle electronics, pneumatics and febi plus programme – at febi bilstein you will find everything you need for professional vehicle repairs of passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, semitrailers and light commercial vehicles for all the popular brands and models.

    Passenger car and commercial vehicle expertise

    If you are unsure if this kit will fit your car please contact us with your full vehicle details

    Please take care to read the notes section above to check if these bumpstops are suitable for your car.

    BrandFebi Bilstein
    Part TypeFebi
    Manufacturer part NumberDoes not apply
    EANDoes not apply
    spec_weightFront axle
    Carset Number0.201 kg
    HerstellerFebi Bilstein
    MarqueFebi Bilstein
    MarcaFebi Bilstein
    MarcaFebi Bilstein
    -Catalog Information-

    Improve the stability of your car with our shock absorbers.

    In a vehicle, shock absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling

    -Brand Information-

    Febi Bilstein is one of the world’s leading global producers and suppliers of passenger car and commercial vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket. Febi Bilstein has stood for continuity, quality, service, reliability and innovation for more than 170 years. We are able to offer you a wide and complete range of products with more than 30,000 technical wear parts.
    We at Febi bilstein stand for products which meet the highest production quality and fitting precision requirements.

    Please note, from the 1st of January 2021 the UK left the EU single market and customs union. Due to this if your delivery address is outside the UK you may be asked to pay a customs clearance fee and the relevant VAT (and import duties if you are outside the EU) based on the order value. These charges vary for each country, please contact your local customs office for more details before placing your order. We are unable to include these fees in the purchase price of the item and the shipping charge only covers the delivery of the parcel. It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay the relevant customs fees and taxes. Failure to pay the fees due may result in the parcel being destroyed, in this case you may not be entitled to a refund. If you require any further information please contact us before placing your order
Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 TDI1999-2001
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TDI2006-2012
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback2.3 V52000-2010
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.62001-2001
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.9 TDI1997-2001
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 SDi1998-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI1998-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 TDI RS2006-2013
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.8 20V1998-2004
    VWBora1J6Estate1.8 T2000-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.6 16V2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback2.3 V52000-2005
    VWBora1J6Estate2.8 VR62000-2000
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI2000-2005
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TDI2005-2010
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 TDI 16V2004-2013
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.9 TDI1996-2001
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.6 16V2000-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 TDI 16V2004-2009
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.8 T Cupra R2002-2005
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.8 T1998-2003
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI 4x41999-2000
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.61999-2000
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback2.01998-2010
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.6 16V2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback2.3 V51997-2000
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.81997-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate1.9 TDI 4x42004-2009
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.9 TDI2005-2010
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.61997-2004
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 SDi1999-2005
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.9 TDI2000-2003
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.8 T GTI2001-2005
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 TDI1999-2006
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.8 T1997-2005
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI2000-2005
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.62000-2010
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI1999-2001
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 FSI2004-2008
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TD1997-1999
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 TDI2000-2006
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.8 T1998-2004
    VWBora1J6Estate1.8 T2002-2005
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.9 SDi1997-2004
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI1998-2001
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.6 16V2000-2005
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.8 T 4x42001-2004
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.61999-2002
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI 4x42000-2004
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 SDi1999-2004
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI2004-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate1.8 TSI2007-2013
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.6 FSI2002-2005
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TDI 16V2005-2012
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 TDI1999-2005
    VWBora1J6Estate1.4 16V2001-2005
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate2.0 4x42001-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 TDI2005-2010
    VWBora1J2Saloon2.3 V51998-2000
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.9 TDI2000-2003
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.8 20V1999-2005
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.8 T Cupra R2003-2005
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 TDI2005-2006
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate2.0 4x42000-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U2HatchbackRS 1.8 T2001-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 RS2005-2013
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 FSI2004-2008
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI1999-2001
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback1.9 TDI2005-2010
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback1.9 TDI2007-2010
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 TDI1999-2005
    VWBora1J6Estate1.9 TDI2001-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI2000-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback1.9 TDI2004-2009
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TFSI2005-2009
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 FSI 4x42004-2008
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback1.8 TSI2007-2013
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 TDI2000-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 TDI 16V2004-2013
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback1.8 TSI2007-2012
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.9 TDI1996-2004
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.9 TDI2001-2010
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.9 TDI2003-2004
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TDI2005-2010
    VWBora1J6Estate2.3 V51999-2000
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback1.4 16V2006-2012
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.62000-2005
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.8 T2001-2005
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.8 T 4x42001-2004
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.6 FSI2002-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate1.6 FSI2004-2009
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 TDI2004-2009
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI1997-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI1998-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U5EstateRS 1.8 T2002-2004
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.4 16V2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI2000-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 TDI RS2006-2013
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback2.52005-2010
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 TDI 4x42006-2010
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.42001-2010
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback2.01998-2004
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 TDI1999-2001
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.9 TDI2003-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI1998-2005
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 FSI2005-2010
    VWBora1J6Estate1.6 16V2000-2005
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.8 T quattro1998-2003
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 SDi1998-2005
    VWGolfMK IVEstate2.3 V52000-2004
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 TDI2005-2010
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.8 T2000-2004
    VWBora1J6Estate2.3 V52000-2005
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI2003-2004
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI1998-2001
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.4 16V1999-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI2000-2005
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.9 TDI quattro2000-2003
    VWGolfMK IVEstate2.01999-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.8 T1997-2004
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback2.0 TFSI2006-2011
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.4 16V1997-2005
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI1998-2001
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.8 T1999-2010
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.9 TDI2005-2009
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 SDi1997-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback1.6 FSI2004-2009
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI1997-2004
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.62000-2004
    VWBora1J6Estate1.6 FSI2002-2005
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 RS2005-2013
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.4 16V2000-2004
    SeatLeon1M1Hatchback1.8 20VT1999-2005
    SeatLeon1P1Hatchback1.4 TSI2007-2012
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.8 T quattro1996-2003
    VWGolfMK IVEstate2.3 V51999-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.4 16V2000-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U5Estate1.9 TDI2000-2010
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.6 FSI2002-2004
    AudiA38L1Hatchback1.8 T1996-2003
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate1.9 TDI2004-2009
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.8 T2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVEstate2.0 Bi-Fuel2002-2004
    VWGolfMK IVHatchback1.9 TDI2000-2005
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.4 16V1999-2004
    VWNew Beetle9C1 1C1Hatchback1.9 TDI1998-2004
    SkodaOctavia1U2Hatchback1.9 TDI1997-2004
    VWGolfMK IVEstate1.9 TDI2000-2004
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.9 TDI2000-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon2.3 V52000-2005
    VWBora1J2Saloon1.8 T2002-2005
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