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BSR Tuning DIY Remap Tuning Box +33BHP! For Audi A1 1.2TFSI 86HP 2011-2014 Zoom

BSR Tuning DIY Remap Tuning Box +33BHP! For Audi A1 1.2TFSI 86HP 2011-2014

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    Why do the stock figures above not match the manufacturers?

    BSR presents the power increase in a way that is more based on reality, by always exposing the stock power output measured by BSR according to the exact same conditions and standards as when measuring the tuned power output. This is why BSR´s measured numbers of the stock power output are not exactly the same as the numbers presented by the car manufacturers. This gives a better idea of the real gains achieved by the PPC tuning box.

    The PPC® Tuning System comes pre-programmed with both tuned software as well as stock software. With the PPC you can easily program your car with the software of your choice within a few minutes. The software of the PPC unit is customized exactly for your car, and for that reason the PPC unit can be used on your car only. The PPC unit is connected to the OBD diagnostic connector in the car, and in a matter of minutes the car has been reprogrammed.

    • 100% DIY product, no need to visit a garage
    • No need to open the bonnet and get dirty!
    • Increased fuel economy*
    • Full instructions are provided with onscreen prompts
    • Software updates are available
    • Can be used to reinstall stock settings if required
    • Free 2 year warranty which can be extended (charges apply)

    Please view the video below to see the PPC tuning box being used:

    Important, please read the information below before purchase:

    *The increase in fuel economy can vary greatly depending on the car, other modifications, driving style and road conditions.

    The software of the PPC unit is customized exactly for your car, for that reason the PPC unit is to be used on your car only.

    This tuning box will only fit the specific vehicle mentioned above. If you are unsure if this product is suitable for your car please contact us before purchasing.

    A requirement for tuning is that the vehicle is in good condition. If the car is faulty in any way, this needs to be attended to before the tuning is performed.

    Car manufacturers generally have long service intervals. In connection with tuning, we recommend closer intervals to ensure better function and a longer life for the engine.

    Motor oil and oil filters must be replaced regularly every 15,000 km (this is a requirement for BSR's vehicle guarantee) and spark plugs must also be replaced every 15,000 km.

    If the vehicle is equipped with sports air filter this must be cleaned at least every 10,000 km or even more frequently, depending on season and the amount of air pollution. If the original air filter element is used, this must be replaced after a maximum of 20,000 km (or even earlier if required).

    Fuel - petrol cars

    BSR recommends you to use at least EU 98 octane unleaded (?US 93 octane), no matter if the car is tuned or not, and no matter what tuning stage you have. - Cars with BSR Stage 1-2 can be run on EU 95 (?US 90) if it’s permitted (see instruction book), but the result is increased fuel consumption and less power than indicated.

    Fuel - Diesel cars

    Always use high quality diesel.

    BSR PPC tuning boxes are developed using a stock engine configuration. Using other components will affect power, drivability and durability. Using other components will result in BSR not being able to anticipate the results of the tuning procedure.

    If you are unsure if this kit will fit your car please contact us with your full vehicle details

    BHP Gain33
    EANDoes not apply
    Manufacturer part NumberDoes not apply
    MPNDoes not apply
    Torque Gain26
    Unit TypePPC3
    -Catalog Information-

    We provide exclusive Engine Tunings to yield optimal performance, to increase your engine’s power output, economy and durability.

    -Brand Information-

    For more than 2 decades of professional racing experience and engine development, BSR has just the right know-how to inject a bit of speed in your life. BSR consists of highly trained experts who enjoy transferring our experience from the racetrack to your car, so that you get more out of your driving. BSR’s engineers are hard at work developing Tomorrow’s products to maximize your engine to world class quality, tailored to your car.
    Know that by choosing our brand, you are guaranteed a product that is of the highest quality and specially developed for your car.

    The best products at the best prices.
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