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Audi Seat Skoda VW 2.0 2.5 TFSi GFB Diverter Valve Golf R GTi S3 Not Dump Valve

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Product Description


    Introducing the new GFB DV+ for VAG TFSI Engines!

    • Retains the factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
    • Sharper throttle response, designed to cope with high boost levels
    • Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on high performance engines
    • Exclusive
    Manufacturer part NumberT9351
    EANDoes not apply
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Compatibility Information
    Make Model Variant Bodystyle Type Year Notes
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI2006-2010
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI quattro2010-2014
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI2010-2014
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TTS quattro2008-2014
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.5 RS quattro2009-2014
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TFSI2007-2010
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TFSI2010-2014
    AudiA38P1Hatchback1.8 TFSI2006-2012
    AudiA38P1Hatchback2.0 TFSI quattro2004-2012
    AudiA38P1Hatchback2.0 TFSI2004-2012
    AudiA38P7Convertible1.8 TFSI2008-2013
    AudiA38P7Convertible2.0 TFSI2008-2013
    AudiA38PAHatchback1.8 TFSI2006-2013
    AudiA38PAHatchback2.0 TFSI quattro2004-2013
    AudiA38PAHatchback2.0 TFSI2004-2013
    AudiA38PAHatchback1.4 TFSI2007-2013
    AudiA38V1Hatchback1.8 TFSI quattro2012-2016
    AudiA38V1Hatchback1.8 TFSI2012-2016
    AudiA3 Limousine8VSSaloon1.8 TFSI2013-2016
    AudiA3 Limousine8VSSaloon1.8 TFSI quattro2013-2016
    AudiA18X1 8XFHatchback1.8 TFSI2015-2016
    AudiA18X1Hatchback1.4 TFSI2010-2016
    AudiA18XAHatchback1.4 TFSI2011-2016
    AudiA64F2 C6Saloon2.0 TFSI2005-2008"Fits models from 06/2005 till 03/2011"
    AudiA64F5 C6Estate2.0 TFSI2005-2008"Fits models from 06/2005 till 08/2011"
    AudiA64G2 C7Saloon2.0 TFSI2011-2013
    AudiA64G5 C7Estate2.0 TFSI2011-2013
    AudiA48EC B7Saloon2.0 TFSI2004-2008
    AudiA48ED B7Estate2.0 TFSI2004-2008
    AudiA48H7 B6 8HE B7Convertible2.0 TFSI 16V2006-2009
    AudiA58F7Convertible1.8 TFSI2011-2016
    AudiA58F7Convertible2.0 TFSI2009-2016
    AudiA58F7Convertible2.0 TFSI quattro2009-2013
    AudiA58F7Convertible2.0 TFSI2009-2013
    AudiA48K2 B8Saloon1.8 TFSI2007-2012
    AudiA48K5 B8Estate1.8 TFSI2007-2012
    AudiA58T3Coupe1.8 TFSI2007-2016
    AudiA58T3Coupe2.0 TFSI2008-2016
    AudiA58T3Coupe2.0 TFSI quattro2008-2013
    AudiA58TAHatchback2.0 TDI2009-2016"Fits models 2011 onward"
    AudiA58TAHatchback2.0 TFSI2009-2016
    AudiA58TAHatchback2.0 TFSI quattro2009-2013
    AudiA58TAHatchback2.0 TFSI2009-2013
    AudiQ58RSUV2.0 TFSI quattro2008-2016
    AudiA18X1 8XFHatchbackS1 quattro2014-2016
    AudiA38P1HatchbackS3 quattro2007-2012
    AudiA38PAHatchbackS3 quattro2008-2013
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI2006-2010
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI quattro2010-2014
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TFSI2010-2014
    AudiTT8J3Coupe2.0 TTS quattro2008-2014
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TFSI2007-2010
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TFSI2010-2014
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TTS quattro2008-2014
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.5 RS quattro2009-2014
    AudiTT Roadster8J9Convertible2.0 TTS quattro2008-2014
    SeatAltea5P1MPV2.0 TFSI2006-2010"Fits models 2004 onward"
    SeatAltea5P1MPV1.4 TSI2007-2016"Fits models 2004 onward"
    SkodaOctavia5E3Hatchback2.0 TSI RS2015-2016"Fits models 2013 onward"
    SkodaOctavia1Z3Hatchback2.0 RS2005-2013
    SkodaOctavia1Z5Estate2.0 RS2005-2013
    VWJettaMK IIISaloon2.0 TFSI2005-2011
    VWJettaMK IVSaloon2.0 TSI2010-2016
    VWGolfMK VHatchback2.0 GTI2004-2008
    VWGolfMK VHatchback2.0 GTI2006-2008
    VWGolfMK VIHatchback2.0 GTI2009-2012
    VWGolfMK VIIHatchback2.0 GTI2013-2016
    VWGolfMK VIHatchback1.4 TSI2008-2012
    VWGolfMK VIEstate1.4 TSI2009-2013
    VWGolfMK VIHatchback2.0 R 4motion2009-2013
    VWPassat3C2Saloon2.0 FSI2005-2011
    VWPassat3C5Estate2.0 FSI2005-2011
    VWScirocco137Coupe2.0 R2009-2016
    VWScirocco137Coupe1.4 TSI2008-2016"Fits models 2006 onward"
    VWScirocco137Coupe2.0 R2009-2016"Fits models 2006 onward"
    VWTiguan5N_SUV2.0 TFSI 4motion2007-2016
    VWTiguan5N_SUV2.0 TFSI 4motion2007-2016
    VWTiguan5N_SUV2.0 TSI 4motion2011-2016
    VWTiguan5N_SUV2.0 TSI 4motion2011-2016
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